A look at revenue, mergers and acquisitions and new packages that bring these companies to the spotlight.


It’s time again for our annual Top 50 food packaging companies list. As explained further in the methodology box that correlates with the chart on page 28, Food and Beverage Packaging has ranked the top food companies based on 2011 total revenues. We have broken out revenue from beverage and other non-food product sales, when possible, so that we only include revenue from packaged food sales. It’s no surprise that Nestle has remained on top with $63.58 billion in revenue for 2011 and Kraft Foods in the number two spot with 49.5 billion.

That marks five years in a row that these two have stayed in the first and second position, respectively. In fact, the top five companies have remained the same from last year and the year prior with Mars Inc., Tyson Foods and PepsiCo at around $30 billion each. While the numbers may not change too drastically, a lot has happened in the industry. New packages have sprouted, companies are striving to meet sustainability goals and brands have been sold and bought up within the industry.

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