Pack Expo is here, and that means it's time to get another look at the latest packaging technologies from leading suppliers around the world. The show, which will take place Oct. 31-Nov. 3 at Chicago's McCormick Place, will feature the best in all varieties of machinery, materials, services and more. This Show Stoppers section previews the best of the show, allowing attendees to easily skim through and find the latest and greatest. 

Booth S-123
Tri-Tronics Co.
Smarteye RetroSmart high speedclear object sensor detects clear or shiny objects with response time of 100 microseconds. It can be used on clear or translucent, full or empty PET bottles and containers without false signals or chattering. It can handle shiny metal containers, clear webs of plastic material or shrink wrap, and more.

Booth S-421
Motoman Robotics’ 4-axis MPK50robot offers superior performance and reliability in a wide variety of packaging, palletizing and other handling applications. It features a 50-kilogram (110-pound) payload and a full 360-degree work envelope, combined with best-in-class motion, speed and wrist ratings. Its slim design enables it to reach into confined spaces, reducing cycle time and improving system productivity.

Booth S-558
Herrmann Ultrasonics
Herrmann Ultrasonics equipment offers the ability to seal through contamination, instant machine startup, seal validation and decreased sealing times. Thesesealing systems are easily integrated into standup pouch machines where contamination in the seal area after filling is an issue. Herrmann Ultrasonics equipment also provides for a 100% ultrasonic vertical form-fill-seal system sealing solution, including vertical overlap back seals created exclusively with ultrasonics. This total ultrasonic solution reduces energy consumption by up to 80%, eliminates typical hot tack issues and allows for the use of lower-cost less complex film structures.

Booth S-581
Axon, a division of Pro Mach, will introduce new mandrel styleshrink sleeve applicators. The first two machines in the new Aurora applicator line, Aurora Prime and Aurora Premium, offer speeds of 150 and 300 sleeves per minute, respectively, as well as the integration and operational advantages of the industry standard Packaging Machinery Language (PackML). Lay flat sleeve size for both machines is from 50 to 200 millimeters, and cut length is from 35 to 200mm.

Booth S-830
Oystar Jones
New Legacy 3 constant motion small centercartoner features an ergonomically designed straight-in, low-level carton magazine with comfortable loading height that does not require platforms; a balcony design that maximizes accessibility to all areas of the machine, allowing easy cleanup and inspection; accurate, quick changeovers, thanks to tool-less adjustments and changeover points; and an all new, variable velocity Orbi-Trak carton feed design that utilizes an opposed vacuum pre-opening system.

Booth S-858
Fowler Products
Fowler Products, a division of Pro Mach, has been named the exclusive North American distributor of Claranor pulsed light  sanitizing systems, an advanced full spectrum light technology that eliminates the need for chemical sanitizing of caps, cups, and films. Claranorpulsed light for sanitizing capsis more effective than systems based upon continuous UV light.

Booth S-947
Allpax Products
Allpax Products, a division of Pro Mach, will demonstrate new software solutions forretorts.Maintainersoftware automatically tracks and alerts personnel when critical retort components are scheduled for maintenance. Maintainer also provides retort room personnel with quick access to machine documentation, maintenance tech notes, and 3D views of retort components. Challenger software ensures quality and productivity by monitoring critical operating parameters and reporting on any point of deviation from norms during the retort process.

Booth S-954
Roberts PolyPro
Roberts PolyPro, a division of Pro Mach, will introduce its new servo-controlled paperhandleapplicator. It docks easily with any folder gluer and can move between folder gluers for maximum flexibility. An extended magazine option more than doubles the number of handles that can be loaded onto the applicator. The servo-controlled machine can be changed over in minutes.

Booth S-958
Every packing line with an Ossid case-ready trayoverwrapper can now conserve an average of 375,000 gallons of water per year thanks to an innovative low-cost water recirculation system. This recirculation system can cool an overwrapper with as little as one gallon of water per day. It automatically replenishes evaporated water as needed and requires minimal maintenance. Plants running multiple overwrappers during multiple shifts can easily save millions of gallons of water entering and leaving the plant. In many cases, the system will pay for itself in less than a year.

Booth S-1377
Axium Inc.
Model MP900 roboticorderpickingsystem is a fully automated solution for packing complete mixed load cases. The system uses a series of robots, intelligent Cube-IQ project planning software, and conveyors to custom pack mixed product into various cases, boxes and/or totes. Customers’ orders are analyzed and the correct container is then automatically released into the system. When the container is presented to the robot the Cube-IQ software tells the robot which products are to be placed in what position.

Booth S-1552
Fogg Filler
Fogg Filler, a market leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry, is continually focused on improving technology that better serves our customers and the environment. That is why Fogg will be introducing the new Microb-Blastersanitizerfor bottles. It has been designed to sanitize bottles with UV light and exchange the air inside the bottles with HEPA air filtration at the same time. Fogg will also be displaying a stand-alone capping system coupled with a VSE-18 cap sorter, a F6.2 filler, and a Microb-Blaster to sanitize caps.

Booth S-1902
The Zipbox is a revolutionary package format that combines the structural benefits of traditional cartons with the convenience and resealability of flexible pouches. It is ideal for cereals, snacks, baking supplies, frozen foods, pet treats and other products. Zip-Pak also will highlight the first commercial application of its Zip-Pak Slider Advantage, a slider solution designed with less material.  A major meat manufacturer recently launched the smaller slider clip on its sliced bacon product. 

Booth S-2236
EDL Packaging Engineers
EDL’s single roll print registered bundler costs less than $150,000. It’s the answer for reasonably priced packaging for retail outlets like big box stores and price clubs, with no corrugated trays or chipboard packaging required. It changes from one pack to another without tools and with minimal downtime. It can handle single-roll, print-registered or clear film at up to 50 packs per minute.

Booth S-2266
Intelligrated will launch the Alvey 890 mid-speed case palletizer. The Alvey 890 is able to form virtually any pattern with a wide range of package types and sizes on a variety of pallet platforms. The standard pattern creation utility has been enhanced, now including the ability to build four different layer configurations in one load. Capable of rates up to 75 cases per minute, the Alvey 890 also features a compact footprint and flexible layout of front and side discharge configurations.

Booth S-2360
Moen Industries
The Moen model PF130-RTF Roll-over Tray Former provides a compact, high-speed tray forming system for produce, bakery items and other products requiring an open-top container with high compression strength. The 44-inch loading height and redesigned frame structure provide the operator with comfortable access to hopper loading. The machine is easy to transport from one location to another and includes built-in forklift channels.

Booth S-2618
Gilbreth will host Shrink Training 101 at its booth. Consumer package designers, packaging engineers and marketers of food, beverage and other products are invited to attend an informational presentation on when, where and how to use shrink sleeves. Shrink Sleeve 101 Training will include practical tips and techniques from a distinguished panel of resin suppliers, film suppliers, machinery manufacturers and co-packing industry experts. Gilbreth offers seven-color flexo and up to 10-color gravure printing. It also has the widest and narrowest seaming capabilities in the industry.

Booth S-2919
Ampac Flexibles
Flexi-Free HS high-speed laminate films can be used in high-speed form-fill-seal machines where increased speed is critical to throughput efficiencies. The films heat seal at temperatures 40 degrees lower than standard laminate materials, allowing the machine operator to shorten dwell times and increase machine speed. Pouch-making speeds can typically be increased 20% or more on high-speed, horizontal form-fill-seal machines, creating greater operational efficiency. Additionally, Flexi-Free HS provides a low-temperature solution for heat-sensitive products.

Booth N-4417
Meech Int’l
Compact IonRinse system incorporates powerful AC ionization, a custom designed airflow distributor and high quality inline filtration. During operation the high-velocity, filtered ionized air exits the IonRinse head unit via the airflow distributor and enters the container.  The precisely controlled airflow works in combination with the neutralization of static charges, which breaks any static bond holding contamination to the inner surface. The released contamination is caught immediately by the vacuum airflow and extracted to the in-line filter unit. The HEPA filtration system provides extremely effective filtration, capturing 99.99% of particles at 0.3 microns.

Booth N-4428
American Fuji Seal
American Fuji Seal will be demonstrating the Fuji Seal 9000 series shrink sleeve applicator. The machine has been widely sold throughout the world over the last eight years and can apply sleeves to containers at speeds of over 1,000 bottles per minute. The machine allows continuous operations at extremely high efficiency rates on multiple bottle sizes and allows material excess and waste to be eliminated.

Booth N-4517
American-Newlong Inc.
Model EC-171 high-speed robotic palletizer uses the most technologically advanced Fuji robot model to date. This advanced palletizer delivers speeds up to 20 cycles per minute and is equipped with a built-in collision detect system. It allows for work in tight space constrictions while accomplishing a very high rate of throughput.  A 10.5-inch color touch screen is used for human interface control, with no laptop required.

Booth N-4641
KUKA Robotics
KUKA Robotics Corporation will debut an innovative automation solution specifically tailored for the packaging industry at PackExpo 2010. The new high-performance automation solution is not the debut of a new robotic arm, but a revolutionary solution that will help reduce costs, design times, changeover, and space.   Track the developments of this new innovative and high-performance automation solution, to be revealed at PackExpo 2010, at before the debut to over 45,000 packaging and processing colleagues.

Booth N-4661
Spiroflow Systems Inc.
Spiroflow Systems’ new bulk bag filler has new features that increase throughput while reducing operator fatigue and maintaining filling accuracy. The Bulk Bag Filler exhibit will be supported by examples of the four types of conveyors manufactured by Spiroflow. These include: flexible screw conveyors, often the best to transfer powders and bulk solids; aero-mechanical conveyors, which don’t need air filtration; tubular drag conveyors, which allow dust-free transferring of large volumes over longer distances; and pneumatic conveying systems, for long-distance conveying over tortuous routes.

Booth E-5452
Onvio LLC
Onvio LLC will exhibit the newest addition to its family of precision gearbox products. The new SL, RL, and FL right-angle gearbox family consists of a 1:1 spiral bevel input module and a precision planetary output stage to develop ratios from 3:1 up to 100:1. They are available in four frame sizes with output torque ranging from 6 to 100 Nm and backlash as low as 12 arc minutes. They are easily mounted to any NEMA or Metric/IEC servo or stepper motor.

Booth E-6242
Multivac will debut the new B610 belted vacuum chamber packaging system. With its patented tilting lid, the B610 offers a host of state-of-the-art features for superior performance, easy maintenance, cost savings and energy conservation. Multivac also will show a high-speed R245 thermoformer equipped with robotic product handling, Multivac Vision System (MVS) and labeling.