World’s most versatile Robotic Cell that packs bags and other packages either standing up and laying down, into cases, crates and other secondary containers.

Fast and tool-less changeover between lay-down and stand-up patterns.

  • Proven: More than 85 units operating successfully in the field.
  • Versatile: Several units run bags and cartons or tubs on the same machine.
  • Programmable: Robotic motion easily controlled through operator interface.
The Swing Machine™ gives you incredible versatility and peace of mind. You will not be locked into one particular packing pattern, package type or case style. Marketing will be grateful to you.

Choose from a wide range of standard and customized collation styles for various types of flexible bags and rigid containers. In addition, you may use various types of interchangeable end-of-arm tooling specifically designed to reliably grip your product.