At PACK EXPO 2012 (October 28-31, McCormick Place, Chicago), the intralogistics specialistBEUMER( will be showing its expertise in final packaging of palletized goods. The BEUMER stretch hood i packaging system, which was developed specifically for the US market, will be on display. The system is noteworthy for its compact dimensions and high energy efficiency.

In palletizing technology, BEUMER is featuring its space-saving robotpac. This fully automatic articulated robot is able to perform complex palletizing and depalletizing tasks reliably and efficiently. Containers such as bags, cardboard boxes, crates or trays can be stacked safely and economically.

The paletpac series developed by BEUMER includes high-capacity layer palletizers for bags. The geometric precision and the stability of the palletized stacks enable easy storage and ensure smooth transfer to the downstream stretch film packaging equipment. At the trade fair stand BEUMER will also be showing its stretch hood i packaging system in operation. With this new generation of the proven BEUMER stretch hood packaging machine range, the company has provided a system that uses less energy and takes up less space, thus making processes more efficient. The BEUMER stretch hood i also needs less film. Furthermore, it is easier to maintain thanks to a “one-for-all” concept. The control panel makes for easy, intuitive operation. This means that the machine operator requires less training. In addition, the new design enables faster and safer access to the machine: film replacement, maintenance and operation are carried out from one side.

This enables the film to be changed more quickly. Another component in this packaging system is the BEUMER optistretch stretch hood, which can be lowered more closely onto the package. This eliminates creases and enables the film to be dispensed onto the package more precisely. 

PACK EXPO, North Upper Hall Booth 3343