Hitachi America, Ltd.,Industrial Components & Equipment Division, ( announces the launch of its new inverter-duty motor product line. Hitachi America, Ltd. is now pleased to offer the BlackMax®, BlueMax™ and microMax™ motor series, with in-stock ratings ranging from 1/8 to 350 hp.

The “Max” series of inverter/vector-duty motors meet NEMA MG1-2003, Part 31. These general-purpose three phase motors are specifically designed for operation from variable frequency PWM power and provide a generous speed range. Standard models are normally available from stock. Build-ups with popular options are also available by quotation on a non-stock basis.

microMAX™ motors are designed as a replacement motor technology for PMDC systems, multi-speed motors, single phase and as a variable speed upgrade from standard fixed speed motor systems. Uses include machine tools, conveyors, paint sprayers, metering pumps, indexing machines, packaging equipment, food and beverage machinery, printing equipment, floor machines, and treadmills.

  Black Max® TENV motors are ideal for any high performance application, utilizing Closed- or Open-Loop Vector controls or Volts/Hertz drives suitable for countless machinery applications where full torque at zero speed is required. The low inertia design provides extremely quick response to acceleration and deceleration commands as well as changes in direction. Uses include machine tools, conveyors, palletizers, crane & hoist systems, accumulators, packaging equipment, extruders, converting equipment and numerous other motion control applications.

  Blue Max® motors are used in variable frequency drive applications requiring full rated torque at zero speed, utilizing Closed- or Open-Loop (Sensorless) Vector controls, or up to a 20:1 constant torque range, utilizing Volts/Hertz drives. The cast iron construction makes this motor an ideal choice for process lines, chemical plants, paper mills or any other environment requiring cast iron or "severe duty" construction.