Power Transmission Solutions, a business ofEmerson Industrial Automation(www.EmersonIndustrialAutomation.com), has launched an e-book titled “Optimizing Conveyor Technologies.” This new e-book is designed to serve as a resource to food and beverage manufacturers as they look for ways to reduce costs and increase sustainability.

The e-book is available on the Power Transmission Solutions website at http://www.emersonindustrial.com/en-US/powertransmissionsolutions/resources/eBooks/Pages/default.aspx

Globally, production managers at food and beverage manufacturing facilities are being challenged to reduce energy costs, water usage and downtime while enabling greater efficiency. In many cases, the conveyor systems that could contribute to those efforts rely on outdated technologies that limit the improvements.

New technologies have emerged and are designed to reduce water usage, increase energy efficiency and minimize downtime in high-speed food and beverage production environments.

This e-book from Power Transmission Solutions is comprised of five main chapters and is the latest in a series of e-books being published.

Chapter 1 – Improving Sustainability by Decreasing Water Use

Chapter 2 – Reducing Maintenance Costs and Increasing Uptime

Chapter 3 – Improving Energy and Production Efficiency

Chapter 4 – The Technologies Driving Change

Chapter 5 – Assessing the Opportunity