Anritsu has developed its innovative Dual X technology. Developed to enhance the performance of its KD7400 line of X-ray Inspection Systems, Anritsu’s Dual X technology minimizes product effect and provides a more exacting means of detecting bones and other low-density items.

Typically, the closer the contaminant’s density is to the food product, the harder it is to detect. Anritsu’s Dual X technology differentiates between product and contaminant by analyzing two separate x-ray energy signals. It enables a higher detection rate of low-density items compared to conventional X-ray technology.

Anritsu’s exclusive Dual X technology is ideal for use in the poultry industry, where bones are exceptionally difficult to detect. It is also well suited for detecting glass and stone in bulk nuts/grains and for items 50mm high or less (hamburger patties, sausage links, granola bars and more).

Based on the Six Sigma Concept for zero defect quality and BACT (Best Available Control Technology), Anritsu continuously develops innovations that improve the performance of its line of X-ray inspection systems. For instance, Anritsu’s High Definition (HD) X-ray technology automatically and simultaneously detects contaminants, underweight conditions and other packaging anomalies. Applications can vary from scanning for bone or hypodermic needle fragments in meat products to detecting wire fragments, glass or stone in traditional food packages. Visitors to Pack Expo can learn more about Anritsu’s new Dual X technology in booth #4800.