ITT Corporation( launches the ECO Series, a line of high-performance hydraulic shock absorbers sold under the Enidine brand name. The ECO Series products use bio-degradable fluids rather than typical hydraulic oils and are compliant with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

The ECO Series is the result of innovative efforts by ITT to provide its global customers with a standard product that offers industry-leading environmental benefits in applications ranging from packaging, to factory automation, to food processing.

“At ITT, we are committed to meeting the environmental expectations of today’s customers and driving new technologies,” says Greg Herman, Enidine’s Industrial Product Manager. “By developing the ECO Series, we are able to provide a cutting-edge product for our global customers and end markets.”

The ECO Series is free of copper and contains no nickel or chrome plating. The products also offer enhanced corrosion and wear properties from a new Enicote™ II surface finish. The new line is designed to replace a range of Enidine’s legacy PRO and PM products while maintaining their reliability, durability and flexibility to accommodate a wide range of force and velocity applications.