WithCobalt Packaging’s(www.cobaltpackaging.com) 100 Series tape place system, one operator can form 15 cases per minute. Unique features that separate this from other case formers include:
  •   Clamps hold the case in the loading station during sealing, assist in case squaring and allow the operator to release and prepare the next case, maximizing case output.

  • Ergonomic case loading station with dual triggers activate fully automatic flap-folding and bottom sealing. Includes knock-down case staging tray positioned for easy access.

  • After the case is taped, it is then discharged. This allows the operator to begin opening another case while the discharge is taking place.

  • In pack mode, taping the bottom ensures that product will not fall out the bottom of the case as it moves down the line.

  • Stationary sealing improves case forming quality and speed compared to manual taping for most corrugated board weights and sizes, including light weight, flexible cases, display cutout cases, and even out-of-spec cases that cannot run automatically.

  • Easy case width adjustment from 7 inch minimum to 20 inch maximum via adjusting screw with attached ratchet handle and visual rule.

  • Easy case length adjustment from 7 inch minimum to 24 inch maximum with locking hand knob and visual rule.
View a demonstration during Pack Expo 2012 at Booth N-5767.