GoGo squeeZunveils new packaging design.

Materne North America’sGoGo squeeZbrand, the first squeezable, re-sealable, 100% fruit applesauce on-the-go, is rolling out a completely new packaging design that celebratesGoGo squeeZ’scommitment to inspiring play through vibrant colors and more active fruit characters.GoGo squeeZ’snew look is being introduced in conjunction with a new flavor – AppleMango – which will join six other flavor offerings: AppleApple, AppleCinnamon, ApplePeach, AppleBanana, AppleStrawberry and the recent AppleBerry that was launched in January.

GoGo squeeZ first launched in the U.S. in 2008 at Whole Foods with natural brown packaging that reflected the brand’s 100 percent natural heritage. But as the brand expanded over the last four years to new retailers and thousands of households, the brand learned that the brown packaging did not represent its playful, fun spirit to new consumers. As a result,GoGo squeeZembarked on a packaging redesign.

 “AsGoGo squeeZcontinues to grow, we felt it was important that consumers be able to immediately recognize our squeezable applesauce on shelves as a fun, yet healthy snack,” says North American Managing Director, Meena Mansharamani. “However, we knew that if we were going to make changes, we neededGoGo squeeZ fans to help guide us.”

The redesign project kicked-off with a consumer deep-dive where the brand spent time with hand-picked brand enthusiasts – moms – to weigh in on the redesign process. Through qualitative and quantitative research, loyalist moms helped determine the right colors, look, tone and feel of the new packaging and fruit characters, which balances the fun of playtime with healthy snacking.

 “We hope that everyone will enjoy our new colorful and playful look as much as we do!” adds Mansharamani. “And please stay tuned for other excitingGoGo squeeZproduct announcements coming this year.”

GoGo squeeZis available at major retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Target, Costco, Kroger, Publix, Harris Teeter and Whole Foods for a suggested retail price of $2.99 per four-pack.