Waiakea’s eco-friendly packaging helps set it apart in the bottled water section.

Waiākea® Hawaiian Volcanic Water launched in June with the goal of establishing a new model for the bottled water industry by offering a beverage that is the pinnacle of responsible and sustainable production, with an unmatched ethical and charitable standard to boot.

Waiākea puts forward the first premium volcanic water of its kind, sourced from the Kea’au Aquifer on the Big Island of Hawaii. The water originates on the snow capped peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano in one of the planet’s purest environments, where it is then naturally filtered through 14,000 feet of porous lava, enhancing and enriching it with minerals and electrolytes before emerging as naturally alkaline volcanic water. Bottled in 100% post-consumer recycled materials and using 33% renewable energy for all on-site operations are just a few of the many eco initiatives that have helped Waiākea to place sustainability at the forefront of its brand, yet also put forth significant charitable donations for each bottle that is bought.

Waiākea was conceived in 2008 with a plan to create a sustainable and niche product offering. Thanks to hard work and dedication, a dorm room idea turned into Waiākea, which boasts attributes in the fields of health, sustainability, and charity.

In terms of health, Waiākea’s unique volcanic filtration process makes it naturally alkaline with four times the minerals and electrolytes as SmartWater®. In this day and age, many health conscious consumers lose sight of the importance of naturally healthy products.” says Matt Meyer, COO. “For example, the majority of alkaline advertised waters you see on the market literally lose their ‘alkalinity’ and pH as time progresses on the shelf.” This is because, as Meyer explains, they are artificially alkaline through the use of baking soda or electrolysis processes. All-natural Waiākea maintains its pH levels and unique mineral composition years after it is bottled.

Waiākea’s eco-initiatives are vast- from its 100% RPET bottle that has a 65% smaller carbon footprint than other bottles to the sustainable recharge rate of its source at 1.38 billion gallons per day. It is even sourced using 33% renewable energy, including 25% geothermal. “We are positioned to show the world that the added cost of being an eco-friendly and ethical product is a complete necessity in our modern era,” says Ryan Emmons, president and CEO. “While it helps Mother Earth, it also helps all of us sleep better at night.”

Furthermore, for every liter of Waiākea sold, 650 liters of clean water are donated to those in need in developing countries through PumpAid.org. The PumpAid organization has already provided over a million Sub-Saharan Africans with clean pump stations and sanitation facilities, and with contributions from Waiākea, will continue to serve those in most need. As issues of drought plague the developing world and at home, Waiākea Volcanic Hawaiian Water seeks a way to enhance access to this most vital resource as part of its charitable and ethical global responsibility.

Waiākea is offered at premier hotels, spas, restaurants, natural food stores and yoga studios in Los Angeles. Waiākea has grown significantly in sales since launching on the mainland a few weeks ago. Waiākea hopes to set the stage with its environmentally friendly and ethical agenda, while providing a unique, premium, and healthy product.