Ardagh produces bottles in varying colors for Absolut.

ABSOLUT UNIQUE, a concept which challenged the whole team behind the brand and its packaging, including the bottle’s manufacturerArdagh Group(, is a limited edition of nearly four million uniquely designed and individually decorated bottles.

Each bottle in this collection has a different color coating and pattern as well as its own unique label number, giving consumers an opportunity to choose a truly personalized and individually packaged product.

To make close to four million unique bottles, ABSOLUT used twenty-two colors for the coating, five for the splash guns and sixteen colors for the fifty-one pattern types.

For Ardagh’s team at its glass plant in Limmared, Sweden, the success of the project can be regarded as one of the innovation high points in its long-standing relationship with Absolut.

The development team soon realized the challenge of the project; namely the need to adapt a decoration process that had been engineered to minimize design variation into something that needed to deliver the exact opposite.  

Fredrik Källqvist, development manager glass Sweden & Denmark at Ardagh Group explains, “After a few meetings and brain storming sessions we developed a computerized valve and control system to automatically and continually change colors and spray patterns on the bottles. We also came up with a system to randomly add contrasting "color splashes" to the bottles during the coating process.”

“We further introduced new functionality on the screen printing machine for randomizing the print start for each printing station in the machine. We also created a screen and color changing scheme for the screen printing process balancing variation and productivity, and established systems to mix the bottles during and in between the process steps to further increase variation.”  

The effort and dedication to delivering a striking end result was shared between Ardagh and The Absolut Company.

“ABSOLUT UNIQUE is a daring concept, even for a company as passionate about creativity as ABSOLUT,” says Jonas Tåhlin, vice president, global marketing at The Absolut Company. “Anyone can do one or two unique products but we’re making close to four million,” he adds.

“Our customers are all unique,” continues Tåhlin, “so we wanted to give each of them a ‘one of a kind’ bottle to reflect their individuality. We loved the concept. Making it happen was the hard part. Along the way we doubted whether this would be at all possible. Well, guess what? It is.”