Blue Ice vodka gets a new look after a decade on the market.

Blue Ice Vodka sprouted from a simple vision: premium vodka reflective of the homegrown purity of America’s natural resources. A decade later, Blue Ice Vodka celebrates the growth of that vision distilled into reality with a packaging redesign.

“At the time Blue Ice launched, craft, American distilling was a relatively unexplored territory,” explains Kevin Egan, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Blue Ice Vodka. “As American vodka producers and consumers began to adopt the idea that vodka could and should be more than a bulk commodity, Blue Ice Vodka emerged as a forerunner for not only craft, American distilling, but American.” Reflecting on the synergies that have positioned Blue Ice Vodka as a mainstay among the copious category introductions, Egan credits the brand’s continued viability to its consistent attention to quality. “When competitors have looked to short term solutions, such as multi-million dollar ad campaigns or celebrity brand ambassadors, Blue Ice Vodka has stayed true to its original vision, proprietary methods and timeless profile that will always be relevant, today, tomorrow and beyond.”

Designed by award-winning design firmFlowdesign(, who has worked with 21st. Century Spirits from its inception, the “facelift” further refines the distinctive look and texture of the bottle, while maintaining the complimentary relationship between the look, feel, and taste. “Our goal for the recent upgrade to Blue Ice Vodka’s label and capsule represents an evolution, not a revolution, with the use of simpler type, targeted copy, and a bolder blue background to help the branding pop,” says Dan Matauch, founder of Flowdesign.