Glacier potato vodka features fade-resistant label.

Niche Import Co.’s Glacier Potato Vodka is now available in a new bottle. Like the previous packaging, the bottle still features the Rocky Mountains and surrounding water, but with a more vibrant label.

The bottle’s front panel is a ceramic decal that is fired onto the glass, making it scratch and fade resistant. The back panel features a double-sided paper label that is a laminated, water-proof, permanent adhesive. It is visible through all four panels of glass.

The overall package design was done in-house by Niche Import’s graphic designer. Consistent with the American theme, (as the vodka is made in the U.S.), the red, white and blue lettering on the bottle follows through with the cap of the bottle. The clear front label accentuates the purity of Glacier Potato Vodka.

Glacier Potato Vodka is available in 50-mL, 750-mL, 1-liter and 1.75-liter sizes.