Award recognizes quality, delivery and support.

Jim Renda, president ofMultisorb Technologies(, was presented with Hormel Foods Corporation’s Spirit of Excellence Award. The award was officially presented on May 31, 2012, at Multisorb’s corporate offices in Buffalo, NY, in front of its management and operation’s employees that directly contributed to this success.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from Hormel, which is one of our key accounts and one of the top food companies in the world,” says Renda. “This award is a tribute to the employees who are involved with Hormel, especially the production personnel who must make quality product and deliver it to Hormel on time.”

This award recognizes suppliers who provide the highest level of quality, delivery, and support.  Of Hormel’s 6000 suppliers, only 75 suppliers met the criteria for the award this year. Each supplier was required to have achieved a supplier rating index of 92% or better for the year. The supplier rating index is a measurement system used by Hormel to ensure each supplier is held to the same standards, including meeting or exceeding expectations in areas of technical services, innovation, customer service, environmental responsibility, and R&D support.  

Multisorb supplies Hormel with FreshPax® oxygen absorbers that are used in their pepperoni packages to extend the product’s shelf life.