Owens-Illinois(O-I), the world’s largest glass container maker for major brands like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Heinz, MillerCoors and S. Pellegrino, released a consumer trend report with results from a recentOmnibussurvey that shows significant preference for glass as the best food and beverage packaging material.

•    69% of consumers say that if they could choose to buy their favorite foods or beverages in any type of container, they would choose glass.
•    90% say they agree that glass is the healthiest packaging because it doesn’t leach into the product.
•    68% believe that glass containers are the “greenest,” or most environmentally friendly packaging material.

According to O-I, companies are answering to this consumer demand for glass with retro and sustainable packaging initiatives:
Heinz recently made a limited edition glass bottle availablethrough August 2011, showcasing the original, iconic packaging.     

Similarly, MillerCoors introduced the Vortex glass bottle , which is lightweight and more sustainable.

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