The Bertolli® team at Unilever Foods selected TFI Envision, Inc. ( to create the packaging graphics for their two “Light” Alfredo Sauces.

The design needed to reinforce Bertolli’s premium positioning, and high quality, without sacrificing flavor, just calories. TFI Envision’s design maintained the look and feel of the existing Alfredo and Garlic Alfredo products so that the current shopper could easily find the sauce, but added a delicately/bold “Light” statement and “light” blue color cues to push the two apart. Traditionally white sauces have been perceived as heavy and high calorie. Bertolli solved the shopper barrier with great taste, and healthier choice.

 TFI Envision had previously developed the Bertolli Organic pasta sauce packaging graphics and coordinating point of purchase display trays.