NestléWaters North America’s premium still water brand resource® 100% Natural Spring Wateris expanding nationally and is available to retailers across the U.S. as of January 2013. Following the success of the 2012 launch in Southern California, Nestlé made the decision to capitalize on consumer interest in the product and expand to national distribution in 2013. resourceis a 100 percent natural spring water sourced only from carefully selected natural springs that have naturally occurring electrolytes for a crisp, clean taste and is packaged in a bottle made with 50 percent recycled plastic.

While the product has already begun rolling out to retailers, the brand is ramping up for a national marketing launch in mid-2013. resource will kick off with a high-profile launch event and then continue to be supported through a comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing campaign including print and digital advertising, brand partnerships, social media efforts, and in-market account-specific activations.

“We’re excited to introduce a premium bottled water that satisfies the consumer need for a product that is good for you and mindful of the environment,” says Larry Cooper, Senior Marketing Manager for resource. “We’re optimistic about this launch, and are making the marketing investment to build the brand by driving awareness and trial on a national scale.”

In April 2012, resource was introduced to the Southern California market with widespread distribution supported by a dedicated marketing program to help consumers discover the product. Following the success of the Southern California launch, resource is now being made available to customers nationally.

“The presence of resource drove the premium still water segment in the Southern California market to new heights,” adds Joe Wiggetman, General Manager for resource. “resource has performed well to-date and delivers the margins that retailers are looking for in the bottled water category. As we begin the national roll-out, retailer acceptance has been off-the-charts across all key trade channels.”

 resource 100% Natural Spring Water is sourced only from carefully selected and sustainably managed natural springs that offer naturally occurring electrolytes for taste. The product is packaged in a bottle made with 50 percent recycled plastic (excluding label and cap) and is recyclable. resource is available in 700mL and 1L single-serve bottles and six-packs. The brand is part of the Nestlé Waters North America family of bottled waters, and provides a premium offering to complement the existing domestic water portfolio.