High-speed hygienic sealing of almost any shape or size tray is now possible using Ishida's (www.heatandcontrol.com) latest generation of QX-1100 Flex tray sealers.  Split dual-lane models take 50% less floor space than two single lane machines and deliver up to 15 cycles per minute with modified atmosphere packaging. Each lane can operate independently with different trays and speeds. High-capacity single and twin lane tray sealers also require minimal space.

Ishida’s Intelligent Machine Design cuts the time required for set-up, changeover, and sanitation. Operators can easily change trays, film, and sealing tools using automatic and quick-release features. Self-draining curved surfaces, the absence of exposed cables and motors, and no-tools removal of belts and conveyors allow fast, comprehensive wash downs and hygienic operation.

 For increased productivity, each sealing tool can be designed to suit any application. The film reel is double the normal size for longer production runs. Individual sealing heads automatically disable (with an operator alert) in the event of a knife or heater issue. Tray feed automatically adjusts to keep production running. Ishida has also introduced QX-Flex tray sealers for economical and semi-automatic applications.