Starting on April 1st, Opening Day, Major League Baseball fans can zip, sip and root for their home team. Beer, the long preferred beverage at baseball games, will see major competition as Mendocino County wine pioneer Fetzer and industry newcomer Zipz launch a unique new product in select North American stadiums.

Zipz has developed and trademarked a new single-serve wine glass and has partnered with Fetzer to bring this cutting-edge product to consumers nationwide. Fetzer is elated about the partnership as they have just released a fresh new line of premium wines, Crimson Red Blend and Quartz White Blend – wines that are smooth, sociable, well-blended and slightly non-traditional – the ideal wine to pair with Zipz. Moreover, the partnership between Fetzer and Zipz is unrivaled as both companies are actively committed to forward-thinking.

"Both companies have made a significant commitment to the partnership. Fetzer Crimson and Quartz will be the first wine release in the partnership, followed by other wines under the Zipz brand– it's a partnership we couldn't be happier with," says Rodrigo Maturana , global brand director for Fetzer.

This innovation will allow consumers to enjoy Fetzer's high quality and delicious Crimson Red Blend and Quartz White Blend, on-the-go at stadiums, convention centers, special events and more. As part of this partnership, Centerplate, the largest provider of food and beverage services in North America's sports and entertainment industry, collaborated with Fetzer and Zipz to bring this unique offering to select stadiums across the country.

"We believe that wine drinkers will appreciate a high quality wine in a convenient, well-designed single-serve glass at the park," says Centerplate's chief design officer, John Sergi .

The 100% recyclable Crimson and Quartz Zipz glass can be enjoyed in four easy steps; pull the tab on the Zipz Clean Wrap™ covering the glass and unzip the wrap, remove the lid, snap the lid on the bottom, peel off the lift 'n' peel seal and voila! Consumers now can indulge with a little bit of class.

While several Major League Baseball stadiums have expanded their food offerings this season, baseball fans will also be the first to enjoy the 187 mL-sized Crimson & Quartz Zipz glasses in select ballparks, among them being San Francisco's AT&T park, Seattle's Safeco Field and Tampa Bay's Tropicana Field. Centerplate and Fetzer have plans to expand the foodservice distribution of Crimson and Quartz through menus at Centerplate's Major and Minor League ballparks, NFL stadiums and convention centers this year.

Win or lose, fans can enjoy their wine like Fetzer does – with friends and family. Fetzer's Crimson & Quartz Zipz will cost approximately $9.00 - $11.00 at stadiums across the country. Fetzer plans to roll out the product to grocery retail in Summer 2013.