Frenches debuts new flavor infuser packageBackyard grilling just got easier, juicier and more flavorful with French’snew Flavor Infuser™marinades!  These unique new marinade packages, available in four flavors, offer a quick and easy way to add flavor to chicken, steak, pork or fish.  French’s Flavor Infusers are ready-to-use and deliver great tasting flavor in just 10 minutes! 

French’s Flavor Infuser is a fast, no mess alternative to traditional marinades with no mixing, pouring, or plastic bags that can leak. They ensure the ability to deliver a delicious, family-friendly meal in under thirty minutes.To infuse favorite protein with amazing flavor, consumers can just snap the cap, inject the infuser tip and squeeze! By injecting the marinade deep into the protein, the flavor is quickly delivered and evenly distributed to all layers of the protein.  Professional chefs and BBQ aficionados have long relied on the injector technique to ensure great flavor from the inside out. French’s innovative packaging now allows home chefs to do the same.

French’s Flavor Infusers come in four mouthwatering varieties: Sweet & Tangy Teriyaki, great with chicken or salmon; Classic Steakhouse, ideal for strip steak or London broil;Zesty Italian, also great with chicken,andCaribbean Jerk, perfect with pork tenderloin. French’s Flavor Infusers™ have a suggested retail price of $2.99 each.