Upbeat drink protected by sleeveSpecial sleeves incorporating UV protection from CCL Decorative Sleeves are being used to protect and enhance the quality of a new range of high protein dairy drinks, as well as creating a distinctive on-shelf presence for the brand.

Upbeat® drinks – available in strawberry and mango & passion fruit flavors – have been launched by the Good Whey Co, part of Volac, a family owned British business with more than 40 years experience in extracting whey protein from milk. Upbeat is the result of intense research and development to create a great tasting dairy drink that is also full of essential protein. Each 250g bottle contains 20g of protein.

The new drink is a high quality fresh product and it was therefore essential that its packaging projected a premium image and distinguished it from traditional UHT drinks. At the same time, the product needed to be effectively protected from UV light degradation, which could adversely affect its taste and shelf life.

The Good Whey Co has selected a custom-designed PET bottle with a tapered waist. To protect the product, CCL Decorative Sleeves has developed a full body shrink sleeve label in white cavitated PET which ensures excellent opacity. In addition, the sleeve is printed with a UV absorbing lacquer.

Equally important, the 360° landscape of the sleeve provides the space for the iconic ‘Upbeat’ cartoon design that creates an eye-catching appearance for maximum on-shelf appeal, while there is also room for essential product information and nutritional details. The sleeves, which wrap tightly around the contours of the bottle, are flexo printed in nine colors with a matt silk finish that is smooth to the touch and further reinforces the brand’s quality positioning.

CCL Decorative Sleeves (www.ccl-label.com) was selected for the project thanks to the company’s technical knowledge and skills and its ability to provide effective customer support during the project’s development.

“Upbeat is a unique high quality drink and it was very important that the packaging reflected this,” explains general manager Ivor Harrison. “The high impact sleeves maximize the effect of the stylish bottle to create a totally different look and feel that help to convey an impression of health and fun, while also protecting the quality of the drink. We have been very grateful for Decorative Sleeves’ input and assistance throughout the project.”