Multisorb Technologies ( will be attending Research & Development Associates for Military Food & Packaging Systems’ (R&DA) 67th Annual Spring Meeting & Exhibition on May 20, 2013, in Amelia Island, FL. Multisorb will have a tabletop display and will be available to discuss its active packaging solutions for meals, ready-to-eat (MREs) and other food and beverage products.

Multisorb’s FreshPax® Oxygen Absorbing Packets disarm spoilage agents in MREs by greatly reducing the oxygen in the packaging. The water activity of the sorbent is matched to the water activity of the food product, so moisture is maintained at a constant level. Foods such as pocket sandwiches and pastries remain fresh for up to three years, even under harsh storage conditions.

For high production operations, FreshPax Packet Dispensers can provide reliable insertion of the oxygen absorber into the product packaging. The dispensers are available with low-, mid-, and high-speed dispensing rates as well as with inert gas purged cabinets to extend the exposure time of the packets. Multisorb has a FreshPax Packet Dispenser to fit most production needs.

 For other foods and beverages requiring protection, Multisorb’s arsenal of Drop-in, Fit-In, and Built-In sorbent solutions offer a choice of sorbent formats that work within your sealed product packaging. Customizable to specific food products and packaging, the sorbents are designed to capture oxygen and managing moisture to keep food fresh and extend your product’s shelf life.