In less than six months since its launch, Firefly Moonshines have been making bright impressions with bartenders and fans across the country. But there's no place like home that tells the story better. 

The folks at the Firefly Distillery have been working overtime to keep up with the local demand and their tasting room has never been busier. Jim Irvin, Distillery co-founder explains, "Our distillery is in the backwoods on Wadmalaw Island, SC. Lots of visitors come out here and we're used to making them feel welcome. With the new Firefly Moonshine, we have more people coming out to see us than ever before, and I have to make sure we have enough Moonshine to serve everybody. I've had to add another bottling line and hire 10 new workers to keep up."

Charleston, SC is a leading year-round tourist destination with the Firefly Distillery being one of the most popular attractions. The visitors' experience includes a stop in the tasting room where the new Firefly Moonshine is showcased. Those of legal drinking age may purchase six, 1/4-ounce samples (not to exceed 1.5 ounces) for $6. They can pick and choose among all of the distillery offerings, including their specialty products. Out of all the Firefly Moonshine flavors offered, Apple Pie is the best seller.

Distillery co-founder Scott Newitt adds, "We expected our visitors to be curious and excited about our Moonshines because Firefly has become a well-known and trusted brand. At 100.7 proof, the Firefly White Lightning really appeals to those who are looking for a more 'rustic' drinking experience but there are flavors too." Scott adds, "Most people tell us they like to drink moonshine straight out of the jar but with our variety, folks also mix it up their own way. I've met bartenders out here that use it instead of tequila in margaritas and they use the flavored moonshines just like a fruit - or citrus-based liqueur or schnapps. The flavors are so crisp and clear you can add it to just about anything and it tastes great."

An emerging favorite is the chilled Firefly Caramel Apple shot – 1/2 shot of Firefly Caramel Moonshine mixed with a 1/2 shot of Firefly Apple Pie Moonshine. Or try the Lightning Ball: 1/2 shot of Firefly White Lightning and 1/2 shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. Both are easy to make and easy to drink. Firefly Cherry Moonshine Coke™ is easy too. Just add a shot of Firefly Cherry Moonshine to a Coke™.  

Firefly Moonshine is available nationwide at major liquor retailers and several national restaurant chains.