PaperWorks Industries, Inc. (, a leading North American integrated full-service recycled paperboard and packaging provider, releases its second sustainability report, When We Come Together, It Works. The 2012 report is self-declared as a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Application Level C, following the G3.1 guidelines. The report theme describes how working collectively with stakeholders enables action, addresses key challenges and creates a foundation for sustained, long-term growth. The 2012 report provides insight on PaperWorks’ progress and perspectives on its sustainability initiatives over the past year.

2012 Report Highlights:

  • Reduced carbon footprint by 5% in absolute greenhouse gas emissions
  • Achieved a 13% reduction in absolute water consumption
  • Decreased safety incidents by 24%
  • Called out GRI performance indicators throughout the report
  • Received awards for innovation, energy efficiency and customer service
  • Described strengths and challenges in PaperWorks’ sustainability journey as defined by employees, customers and industry associations

According to president and CEO Mark Staton, “In 2012, our collective efforts put PaperWorks on a firmer sustainable path. We began to internalize sustainability as a management tool and continue to receive valued insight from our stakeholders to help us better identify our strengths and opportunities that lie ahead.”