In mid-January Seattle’s Best Coffee announced the beginning distribution of their new products. Hornall Anderson ( partnered with the Seattle’s Best brand for this roll-out. As a long-time partner of Starbucks, the parent company of Seattle’s Best, Hornall Anderson was tasked with transforming the Seattle’s Best Coffee brand and helping them heighten their presence in the coffee aisle in grocery stores.

Hornall Anderson recognized the opportunity to make a stronger connection with Seattle’s Best Coffee consumers through design. By immersing themselves in consumer data, they were able to uncover the truths of the brand that were most relevant to their target audience and help the brand shift from a “what and how” mentality to focus more on the “why.” In a category where most coffee brands are asking consumers to shop only by taste profile, they had an opportunity to give consumers what they wanted and needed, which was to shop by mood and emotion. Consumers love the taste of Seattle’s Best smooth medium roasts, but the new packaging takes it a step further by also appealing to how the consumer wants to feel while drinking their coffee. Appealing to this side of the consumer, helps Seattle’s Best translate the spirited nature of their coffees and be much more approachable on shelf. With this refined focus, we were able to create a packaging architecture and shopping experience that was ownable for Seattle’s Best Coffee and that truly differentiates the brand.    

 “We are beyond thrilled to bring new ways for our customers to enjoy the smooth taste profile of Seattle’s Best Coffee through K-Cups, Roast & Ground, and Instant Lattes . Hornall Anderson’s latest partnership in design makes it even easier for our customers to find the perfect medium roast coffee in a cluttered coffee aisle,” says Jennifer Dimaris, vice president, brand management of Seattle’s Best Coffee.