Breitsamer + Ulrich GmbH & Co KG from Munich are among the leading honey bottlers in Europe. Their products combine tradition and quality and are sold in glass as well as in plastic packaging.

Efficient Production with Kavoblow

Greiner Packaging International ( produces the new honey bottles for Breitsamer from PET, using the stretch blow molding process. "We use our exclusive kavoblow technology for this. It facilitates a highly efficient implementation of individual designs and combines flexibility with productivity. It is therefore particularly ideal for innovative bottles and containers for the food industry“, explains Günter Ausserwöger, Head of the Kavo Division at Greiner Packaging. The look and handling of the bottle were improved. And thanks to the new base design, the packaging is more stable during filling. 

Hygienic, clean, and easier to dispense

 Honey in plastic bottles has some basic advantages in terms of convenience for daily consumption: It provides the consumer with hygienic and clean handling, as well as precise dispensing without dripping. The new dose cap with membrane plays an important role here. It is equipped with an integrated, tear-off tamper-proof band and is made of polypropylene. Combined with a highly transparent PET bottle, the system fulfills the highest demands for precise dispensing of viscous products.