High protein diets began with body-builders and athletes using scientifically designed products in the form of specially formulated powders, beverages, and bars. Then, the push for protein shifted to health-focused men and women for weight management. To address today’s busy lifestyles,protein messaging has evolved to a more popular benefit—energy. New campaigns in the media and products hitting the shelves are focusing on providing more energy via protein, not only for adults, but for teens and children as well. Spurring on consumer appeal and usage are familiar, everyday foods in convenient formats—portable bars, wraps and snacks—that everyone can fit into their schedules.

The iconic “Got Milk?” national ad campaign has been replaced by the Milk Processor Education Program in favor of the new “Milk Life” campaign. The cross-platform campaign focuses its messaging toward those of all ages and emphasizes the power of protein providing energy in an emotional and inspirational tone.

New products on the shelf are calling out their protein front and center. Zbar Protein from Clif offers 5g of protein and is marketed toward “kids in motion.” Meanwhile, new Hormel Rev wraps are promising 14g of protein for active teens. Finally, Oscar Mayer is delivering a protein trinity for adults with P3, which is comprised of Kraft cheese, Oscar Mayer meat, and Planters nuts—working together to provide 13g of protein on-the-go.

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Look for increased communication and products featuring protein’s ability to fuel everyone’s daily energy needs. Keep in mind, however, that while the desire for protein is becoming more widespread, targeting will be the key to success. Think about who the consumer target is and what their specific need is for protein and energy in the context of their lives. Is it to power through the day at work as it is for busy, time-crunched adults? Or is it to keep the kids energized in class or at soccer practice? Or do teens need sustained energy to study all night? Use language that is direct and speaks to their specific needs. And consider other product categories that may benefit from the energy protein provides to help different consumers pack more power into their day or night.

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