When it comes to appreciating the qualities of traditional foods, nothing unites the continent of Europe with the vast plains of the United States and the great sweep of Asian landscapes more than their mutual and abiding fondness for tuna. And a significant part of that mutual appreciation is the overwhelming packaging choice delivering tuna to their plates – that is of course the metal can.

For Ardagh (ardaghgroup.com) nowhere is this better exemplified than through the company’s close and long-established relationship with two of the market’s leading brands – Bumble Bee® in the US and Thai Union’s John West in Europe.

Both companies, with Ardagh’s support, have shown great innovation in presenting their respective brands, proving that although the product itself goes back quite a long way, its packaging values are bang up to date.

Bumble Bee Seafoods, for instance, has returned to its 1950s heritage to give its new larger 7oz Heritage packs a retro look while adding a touch of modern convenience.

“Bumble Bee Seafoods wanted to emphasise the ‘sharing element’ of their offering by reminding ‘Baby Boomers’ of one of the pleasant and abiding memories of their childhood such as Mom’s handmade tuna salad or casserole for the family, as well as introducing the product to a new generation of consumers,” explained  Ardagh’s James Willich, America’s Metal CEO.

He adds: “But the packaging is updated by use of our Easy Open ends, answering the consumer’s need for modern convenience.”

Meanwhile across the Atlantic, leading brand John West was particularly keen to stress the sustainability credentials of the cans supplied by Ardagh for the launch in 2013 of its new Infusions range.

“Of course they start from a very good basis, as the metal can is one of the most inherently sustainable packaging formats around,” explains Ardagh’s Patrick Savouré, Seafood Commercial Director.

He added: “John West has also added a new twist, that of traceability. For the first time in the UK, consumers can find out the exact source of their canned tuna through John West’s unique ‘Can Tracker’, which plots the source of every can of tuna back to the ocean.  

 Both Bumble Bee® and John West are stressing the simple, healthy nature of canned tuna, capturing not only what’s best in the ocean, but what today’s consumers are looking for.  And they are using Ardagh cans to project their stories to the best effect.