With new business expansion, George Gordon Associates is now doing business as GGA Packaging (ggapack.com) for machinery design and manufacturing of packaging equipment lines. Flow wrappers, infeeds and accessory equipment will continue to develop in their business model. The plan will allow sustained growth by further capitalizing on the capability of their major strengths to design and manufacture the AccuWrap line of packaging machinery with a comprehensive business plan to better meet customer solutions. This focus will continue to meet the requirements of current customers for packaging machinery. The equipment line includes flow wrappers, shrink wrappers, wrapper infeeds with positioning, and pouch filling and handling, as well as related converting equipment.

 GGA Packagingwill continue the tradition of state-of-the-art design, development and building packaging machinery such as the flow wrapper line of equipment. This includes many standard models and many accessories to automatically feed the product items into the flow wrap package. In many installations, GGA Packaging is able to take packaging turnkey responsibility with their own equipment designs. The company continues to tailor their standard lines for each customer application to make the line fit the packaging requirements needed and defined by their customers. Capability meets the needs of the diverse packaging industry with integrated equipment lines.