Ignite your passion and unlock the possibilities with MYX MYXOTICA, the Limited Edition Nicki Minaj signature bottle from MYX Fusions. MYXOTICA is an exotic fusion of premium Moscato wine and the finest juices from select fruits. The effervescent Moscato, infused with all-natural flavors, is draped in Minaj's signature pink hue and topped with a white "champagne" capsule. As with each new MYX offering, Minaj personally met with the production team and provided her input on the flavor and the packaging, suggesting tweaks to both until they were perfect.

 "MYXOTICA's delicious fruit juice-infused Moscato is perfect for those who prefer fun and flavorful wines," says MYX co-owner and chief marketing officer Mona Scott-Young. "Hitting the shelves just in time for the holidays, MYXOTICA will definitely make celebrating with friends and family that much sweeter and more enjoyable, just as Nicki [Minaj] intended."