LINDAR Corporation (, a leading manufacturer of plastic food containers, recently received a Gold Award for its Simply Secure two-piece packages from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).

The award was presented during the SPE Thermoforming Division’s annual conference in Schaumburg, IL. Awards were given in 11 categories, and LINDAR’s two-piece tamper obvious package received first place in the competition’s “Roll-Fed Food” category.

The award recognizes thermoformed products from around the world that show innovative design, ease of use and quality engineering. Previously, LINDAR also received SPE’s Gold Award for the design and development of the single serve cupcake container.

“We thrive on innovation,” says Dave Fosse, LINDAR’s director of marketing. “We’re always looking to provide our customers with the best products, designed specifically to create consumer preference and increase product sales.”

Simply Secure is LINDAR’s line of tamper obvious containers, which are available in two-piece and hinged varieties. They have special tabs that snap into place to secure the product while in stores. To open the package, the perforated tabs can be simply torn off, making it user friendly, while easily identifiable if the container has been opened.

 LINDAR pioneered the development of the award-winning tamper obvious two-piece pie and cake containers, made with crystal clear, durable, stackable plastic and a built-in freshness seal to guarantee quality.