Restaurants to supermarket deli’s will find the attraction in Placon’s ( newest Envisions plastic food packaging trays and lids. The black and clear FDA approved food containers are made from Placon’s EcoStar® post-consumer recycled (PCR), curbside collected PET bottles and thermoforms which contain a minimum of 30%, up to 100%, PCR content.

The contemporary packaging creates instant shelf impact with a sleek lid and base geometry that has no protruding tabs for a smooth, clean look that makes food the focus. The smart lid design allows for easy opening and closing with a tight inside lid seal providing a nice snap closure for high leak resistance. The sustainable containers are perfect for everything from culinary masterpieces to everyday Caesar salads, baked goods, sandwiches and wraps.

“Envisions is a recycled packaging line that is both elegant and functional,” says Jeff Lucash, Placon’s director of sales - Stock Products. “The deep bases feature a raised grid pattern that’s attractive, keeps foods from sliding around while allowing liquids to drain away from the food. The shallow bases have a high dome lid with a large angled window that lets customers see fresh food no matter how it’s displayed - whether stacked 3, 4 or 5 high, you get clear, unobstructed viewing.”

 The sleek, recyclable trays and lids, which can be custom embossed for instant brand recognition, are available for order now.