Wholesome Goodness stands apart from other so-called ‘healthy’ food & beverage brands by offering better-for-you, naturally delicious, and affordable products in 12 different categories (from chips, to cereals, salad dressings, granola bars and more) using nutritious ingredients such as: sprouted ancient whole grains, flaxseed rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, and 100% high antioxidant juices to name just a few. The brand cares so much for the natural simplicity of its products and consumers well-being that they have banned over 120 artificial, highly processed ingredients!

Co-Founders and seasoned food industry executives, Rick and Jeff, developed Wholesome Goodness because they wanted to do something about our county’s rising obesity crisis. Therefore they created a broad line of nutritious and naturally delicious products which are affordable to the population at-large. The better-for-you ingredients in Wholesome Goodness products satiates appetite and allows consumers to feel good about what they are putting in their body while still saving in their food budget.

All Wholesome Goodness products are vetted by renowned nutrition expert and Founding Director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, Dr. David Katz. “I coined the phrase, ‘Love Foods that Love you Back’ which Wholesome Goodness has taken as its mantra -- and rightfully so. Wholesome Goodness is commited to the whole formula: food that is delicious, food that is nutritious and you can feel good about eating, and food that is affordable never letting a dollar stand between you and a better choice,” says Katz.

Wholesome Goodness makes trading up and eating healthier in diverse, mainstream food categories both delicious and very affordable. Examples of Wholesome Goodness everyday shelf prices: WG 9-oz Omega Tortilla Chips are $3.29- $3.79; WG Pasta Sauce at $2.99- $3.49; WG Steel Cut Oats $3.99- 4.49; WG Pomegranate Juice $4.49- $5.99.

Wholesome Goodness products are available for purchase at over 6,000 stores across the US, including: Albertsons, Bashas’, Big Y, Marsh, Price Chopper, Stater Bros, Tops, Wawa, Winn-Dixie and Rite Aid drug stores nationally as well as online at Amazon and Peapod.