Heinz Tomato Ketchup, America’s Favorite Ketchup for generations, has expanded its product offering in response to growing consumer demand. Every ketchup lover can find their happy match within the Heinz Ketchup portfolio, which now includes two new sizes of its popular Heinz Organic Ketchup, made with 100% USDA certified organic tomatoes, and Simply Heinz Ketchup, made with real sugar.

For over six years, Heinz has been delighting families by offering its Simply Heinz and Heinz Organic recipes. Heinz is now excited to expand its Organic line from the existing 14 ounce (oz) size to a NEW 32oz size in response to demand from larger families, and grow its Simply Heinz line from the existing 34oz to a NEW smaller sized 20oz bottle.

“Heinz has an enduring commitment to bringing mealtime happiness to families,” says Joe Giallanella, brand manager for Heinz. “The additional sizes of our Heinz Organic and Simply Heinz ketchups ensure that all families will have a size that fits their needs.”

According to Nielsen scanner data, organic and natural ketchup products have doubled in sales as a percent of the total ketchup category since early 2013, and Heinz has played an integral role in that expansion. Heinz has been driving growth in the ketchup category through its innovation, particularly in flavors and recipes like Heinz Organic. “Heinz has been America’s Favorite Ketchup® for generations,” Giallanella added. “Both Heinz Organic and Simply Heinz deliver 100 percent of the Heinz taste that families love without artificial preservatives or sweeteners.”

Heinz Organic ketchup is made with 100 percent USDA certified organic tomatoes and is available in 14oz and the NEW 32oz sizes, at the suggested retail price of $2.69 & $4.75, respectively. Simply Heinz ketchup is made with real sugar and comes in a 34oz and the NEW 20oz size, at the suggested retail price $3.99 & $2.59, respectively. These new sizes of Heinz Organic and Simply Heinz join a line-up of Heinz ketchup that meet a wide range of consumer needs and tastes including Reduced Sugar (13oz), No Salt (14oz) and a variety of flavored ketchup products, all of which are available nationwide.