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In January, AFA Systems (afasystemsinc.com) introduced the TR-CPP – Transrector Series Combination Case Packer Palletizer. The system combines AFA’s Case Packing and Palletizing Technology. It features a single gantry robot that will complete case erecting, slip sheet inserting and palletizing. The gantry robot will pick a case from a penny stack and erect the case onto the loading station. At the loading station, the product is end loaded into the case. The gantry robot will drive the case through the sealing station and then automatically palletize the case. The same gantry robot will be used for picking a slip sheet and applying it to the pallet.

The TR-CPP system offers the end user a much smaller footprint compared to traditional palletizing cells. With all the functions integrated on one frame, connecting conveyors and infeed systems for the palletizer and case packer are not required. In addition, maintenance teams will only need to specialize on one system compared to having to learn two separate systems. There are frequent situations where the systems are provided by two separate manufacturers which increases training and maintenance cost for the packaging systems. The system also has high usability as changes to the pallet pack pattern and configuration can easily be completed through the HMI.

The TR-CPP features modular designs as it can integrate with many traditional floorplans and can be used with a variety of applications including carton product, rolls of product, bottles of product and other applications. The system uses an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC and Allen Bradley Kinetix Servo Drives and MP Series Servo Motors.

Take it to go

A-B-C’s (abcpackaging.com) compact palletizer automatically accumulates and stacks plastic totes or returnable plastic containers (RPC’s) to form interlocking pallet loads that are secure for shipping. This system features an exclusive tier alignment positioning mechanism that gently jogs each layer during stacking to interlock the totes with the previous layer. After depositing the layer, this mechanism automatically squares the pallet to ensure stability for shipping.

In the past, plastic totes were palletized manually to ensure proper interlocked stacking; therefore, this palletizer can considerably reduce packaging costs by eliminating manual labor and related expenses. This economical system operates at floor level, eliminating the need to build costly overhead platforms, and allowing plant personnel to monitor machine operation while performing other tasks. Clean, open construction and low-level access points simplify routine maintenance.

From infeed, through accumulation, stacking and full pallet exit, all functions are operated by PLC, which ensures precise operation and simplified control. The touch screen control panel offers easy set up for daily, shift or batch runs, diagnostic status reporting, running production counts and more.

Make healthy choices

Bergami (bergamisrl.com) latest addition to its line of secondary packaging machinery is the new Bergami P15 Palletizer. The Bergami P15 grew out of the need for a simple, reliable and easy to program palletizing system to fit behind Bergami’s line of casepackers. The palletizer has achieved this with very simple HMI based programming and off the shelve servo control that does have the normal requirements of pendant for training/programming or third party robotics integration. The P15 palletizer can function as an inexpensive standalone system or mono-block system fully integrated with Bergami casepackers. The Bergami P15 is available in single or dual cell configurations with integration of labelers, scanners, cameras and a reject station at the customer’s request. The P15 uses both US and European style pallets along with Fanuc robots for placement. For end users in need of track and trace applications, the P15 has options available.

Variety is the spice of life

Arrowhead Systems (arrowheadsystems.com) offers the PriorityPal Low Level Case Palletizer, which is designed to palletize a variety of packages including cases, trays, bundles, film only and display packs. The PriorityPal LL series can be added to a single production line as a stand-alone machine, or it can be combined with a multi-level infeed and a rotary turntable or a shuttle car system to palletize multiple production lines simultaneously.

“The Low Level Case Palletizer’s rebirth focuses on leveraging today’s advanced technology to prepare for tomorrow’s package handling challenges,” says Shawn Grant, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Arrowhead Systems. “In an environment that focuses on sustainability and green secondary packaging, the Low Level Series excels.”

The new PriorityPal LL series has the same quality, fit, finish and functionality as the PriorityPal High Level series machine that Arrowhead Systems introduced in 2013. The difference is that the PriorityPal LL series machine sits at floor level, thereby simplifying operations and increasing employee efficiency. In addition, the machine lifts only one layer of packages at a time, which reduces wear-and-tear on the equipment.