Rovema (, the manufacturer of packaging machines, offers the new continuous vertical form-, fill- and seal machine BVR 230 with integrated weigher - a compact packaging system for snack products. This is the successful improvement of the principle of the pair of rotating sealing tools - which has been used by Rovema for many years. The sophisticated and proven machine technology in combination with the completely integrated weigher offers an attractive concept for the snack industry with convincing price-performance ratio.

Like all machines of the Rovema BV-series the BVR230 fulfils the actual hygiene standards. In a small footprint, all areas are easily accessible for cleaning purposes, as the weigher is mounted directly on the vertical bagger as a system. Furthermore the control cabinet is integrated in the machine housing on a removable mounting plate. This requires less space and ensures good accessibility for maintenance jobs.

Due to rotating pairs of sealing tools - optionally one or two pairs of jaws - the BVR is designed for a high set performance of up to 180 pillow bags per minute. Due to the D-formed movement of the sealing tools long sealing times for perfect bag seal quality can be achieved with a wide spectrum of suitable film qualities. The weigher is mechanically and electronically integrated to the system to achieve the best possible performance without synchronization losses. Furthermore a mechanical separately driven cutting knife reduces wearing and the associated down-times.

The adjustment of all operator inputs which are important for the packaging process such as product falling time, sealing time, bag length and set performance is done at the HMI (touch panel). On the basis of those parameters, the machine automatically calculates the optimal operating settings.