Smith Design was asked to design a line of fabric softener products for the Snuggle brand that would be disruptive to the category. Taking its fragrance profiles from the fresh aromatic scents of blossoming spring flowers, Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers is the only pink premium fabric softener line in the category. Smith designed the package to complement the existing Snuggle Blue Sparkle product line and appeal to consumers searching for unbeatable softness, fresh scent, uniqueness, performance and quality.

The design solution integrates the brands signature calling card, the "Snuggle Bear,” who represents the brands warm, welcoming and playful personality with engaging and cheerful sensory cues. The new Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers variant offers loyal Snuggle consumers a uniquely scented fabric softener product they can call their very own and offers a high performing alternative to new consumers who put a premium on innovation, efficacy and new scent profiles.