BiC's Soleil Razor design was refreshed by Smith Design (, which provided an extensive design exploration, refinements and final art for a new premium razor within the portfolio. BiC Soleil Balance is a new five-blade disposable razor with moisture bars with flexible blades that adjust to the contours of the body. The shea butter‒infused moisture bars lather when wet, eliminating the need for shaving cream.

The refreshed BiC Soleil portfolio has a cohesive look and consistent architecture that allows each pack to highlight the brand, the product name, functional and emotional benefits as well as the razors themselves. As part of its design exploration, Smith Design presented a range of colors and treatments that visually communicate moisture (and Moisture Bars made with Shea Butter) as well as a friendly, feminine and easy-to-read treatment of Soleil Balance. 

The BiC Soleil Balance design incorporates colors and visuals that evoke a smooth and creamy feel, while fitting with the BiC Soleil brand personality (bright, confident, colorful). The product benefit is linked with the razor head imagery and the transparency on the pack allows consumers to see the razor heads clearly.

"BiC is well known for its high-quality and reliable choices,” said Jenna Smith, president of Smith Design.  “We wanted to ensure that our BiC Soleil Balance designs delivered those attributes while adding value to the overall razor portfolio."