Smith Design has created a premium package design for Skippy Bites. A resealable cup with a clear window ensures product visibility with graphics that entice peanut butter lovers looking to fulfill their snack cravings. Skippy has successfully capitalized on the protein snack trend and channeled it into something healthier vs. the ubiquitous bite-size candy entries, by aligning peanut butter in a “bites” format as a healthier alternative. The five grams of protein benefit successfully extends the Skippy brand equity to a new proposition that resonates with today’s consumers.

Continuing to lead the charge with innovative protein rich “better for you” snacks, Skippy introduced Skippy Bites as the perfect portable, pop-able, no mess, anytime, real peanut butter snack.

Smith Design created the brand identity and package design for two initial launch SKUs, Double Peanut Butter and Pretzel.