Finally, a cup of noodles you can microwave – and customize! Nissin Foods (USA) Co, Inc., the company that created instant ramen and the first Cup Noodles, launched their newest Cup Noodles that allows consumers to microwave their favorite meal in just 2½ minutes. This new Cup Noodles features the same great taste that consumers love, but with fresh new packaging. Nissin's Cup Noodles was redesigned to have extra room to allow consumers to customize their cup exactly how they like it by adding their favorite ingredients to make a healthier, heartier meal.

“As people increasingly look for ways to create their own healthier meal options, Nissin has launched the new Cup Noodles to help meet their customizable demands,” said Linda Chung, vice president, corporate communications, Nissin Foods USA. “By changing our packaging, we’ve made enjoying the same noodles our consumers love even easier by putting it in a new and improved cup that is now microwavable, customizable, and more sustainable.”

The new Nissin Cup Noodles will initially be available in Chicken, Beef, and Hearty Chicken flavors, and can be found at select Walmart stores across the country. The products will become more widely available at leading retailers throughout the year.