The incredibly innovative company Real Milk Paint has had a makeover, getting a new look to both their website and packaging. Made from 100% organic material, Milk Paint is a non-toxic, environmentally safe product that is quickly gaining popularity. Eco-conscious consumers love the superior quality paint without the dangerous chemicals used in other paint products.

Real Milk Paint is the only milk paint company to include both the can and a mixing marble, providing everything needed to get the perfect results and an exceedingly smooth paint. This makes it the easiest milk paint to work with and creates a far smoother paint than other milk paint product we’ve seen. Since milk paint comes as powder and requires mixing, the quality of the powder and the ability to mix it is vital to any DIY project.

Real Milk paint is ideal for antique furniture, decks, floors and walls. The new website is clean, modern and extremely user friendly, including information about the history of milk paint, testimonials, and galleries of photos showcasing their beautiful and limitless range of colors. The easy to navigate site also includes tips and techniques, with instructional videos about how to mix and apply the new paint. Included in the sleek new packaging is a mixing marble, which is essential to achieving a smooth, easy to apply paint. Real Milk Paint doesn’t just sell milk paint either, but everything needed for DIY projects, from wood oils to brushes.