Thrive Algae Oil has launched as the first culinary oil to be made from algae, a food source that has incredible wellness and sustainability benefits. Using algae, the makers of Thrive Algae Oil hope to advance everyday nutrition at home, help people to live longer, better lives, and help sustain the planet.

Why is this new cooking oil important? There is an evolving consumer understanding of the health benefits associated with cutting back on the excessive levels of bad fats currently found in the average American diet. With zero trans fat, the lowest level of saturated fat and highest level of monounsaturated fat of any consumer cooking oil, Thrive Culinary Algae Oil provides consumers with the healthier, sustainable choice they deserve.

Composed of over 90% of the good fats -monounsaturated fats, no other oil has a lower percentage of saturated fat (75% less saturated fat than olive oil). Its light, neutral taste lets the natural flavor of your food shine through. Its exceptionally high smoke point makes it great for healthy high-heat cooking—versatile for frying, baking, broiling, sautéing healthfully.

It’s also the better choice for the planet, with 100% recyclable packaging and a superior land-use footprint among consumer cooking oils. The makers of Thrive wanted to create something that conveyed transparency, something Thrive stands for. For this reason, you can see the oil through the heart logo, and all of the products benefits are clearly and concisely conveyed on the package.