Nothing beats freshness. This is the premise of new Danish beauty brand Nuori, who has built its business around 'fresh'. This means pure products, free from preservatives and synthetic additives, and 100% efficacy, as the active ingredients are not weakened by time-related breakdown. As such, all of its products carry a sell-by date.

With products as fresh and hard-working as these, the packaging becomes all the more important. That is why it chose some of the most advanced designs from Quadpack ( for four key products in its range.

Vital Body Balm and Vital Hand Cream come in airless packs from Yonwoo. The 150ml container and 30ml tube shield the formulas from external contamination and oxidation. Yonwoo's airless technology also enables the omission of artificial preservatives from the formula.

Supreme C Serum Treatment is packaged in Quadpack's Twin Mix. The active ingredient, vitamin C, is stored in powder form in the cap. Pressing the push button on the cap releases it into the serum in the bottle, to activate the formula. The bottle is shaken and the liquid applied with the dropper. The system thereby keeps this reviving booster fresh until the time of use.

Vital Foaming Cleanser comes in a 100ml Apollo foamer. Unlike most foam packs, this features an elegant, cosmetic design. What's more, Apollo's high-tech construction keeps all metal parts out of product path for maximum formula integrity.

"Quadpack's packaging solutions help us deliver on our promise for freshness in skincare," says Jasmi Bonnén, founder & CEO of Nuori. "Each of these packs has been chosen to work carefully with the formula, keeping it protected and, above all, fresh."