Nulogy (, the leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the contract packaging industry, today revealed the winners of its prestigious PackStar Awards. Awarded annually to exemplary Nulogy customers, the PackStar Awards recognize the commitment to contract packaging innovation, improvement, and excellence through the use of Nulogy solutions.

There are eight winners for the 2015 calendar year across a number of categories. Each recipient’s unique success story leverages Nulogy’s software solutions: PackManager™, an end-to-end solution that provides more visibility and control over the entire packaging production process; and QCloud®, a cloud-based quality control solution designed to manage and improve quality control processes.

Some of the winners include:

  • Accel – Break the Mold Award. Accel uses PackManager to manage each of the unique zones within its vast contract packaging plant, for everything from tracking materials to monitoring productivity, in order to keep up with the demands of a dynamic consumer market. Accel’s penchant for being a forward-thinking company and adopting PackManager in innovative ways has improved the company’s production efficiency and flexibility. 
  • ARI Packaging – Best Network Builder Award. ARI has leveraged PackManager to integrate its networks with those of its customers to improve collaboration and facilitate better data flow. This has resulted in faster speed-to-market, better upstream forecasting, and more accurate reporting for decreased cost. This is the second PackStar Award for ARI, which won the Nulogy Advocate Award last year.
  • Crescent – Leader of the Pack Award. Crescent has displayed deep and broad expertise in being able to leverage PackManager and QCloud to gain more visibility into its production processes and expenses, improving production-line-level control and traceability. As a result, Crescent has been able to leverage Nulogy solutions as a key sales and marketing tool, demonstrating how they’ve applied the solutions strategically to deliver unmatched outcomes to potential clients.
  • Industrial Aid – David vs Goliath Award. This non-for-profit company uses PackManager to better track and allocate inventory, as well as labor, due to its ability to quickly and accurately schedule jobs based on Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and availability of components. Industrial Aid’s improved traceability has opened up new markets for the company and paved the path for securing a number of key clients in 2015.
  • Nova Pack – Nulogy Advocate Award. Nova Pack has enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with Nulogy over the years, allowing both companies to learn and grow from the contract packaging industry’s business challenges and technology needs. Nova Pack works intimately with Nulogy’s Product Team, having led a thought leadership webinar and frequently offering on-site tours as Nulogy’s “local lab.” Nova Pack is dedicated to demonstrating co-packing best practices and how PackManager is applied in its facilities.
  • Universal Container & Packaging – Always Be Compliant Award. Universal Container & Packaging (UCP) has used Nulogy PackManager and QCloud to improve customer-driven and regulatory-driven compliancy, through better data management and process tracking. Its customer base has increased due to UCP’s ability to track production and quality in real-time.

“We are thrilled to see customers using Nulogy solutions in innovative and ground-breaking ways that not only improve their business results, but also push the boundaries of our technologies,” says Jason Tham, CEO at Nulogy. “The awards are a testament to the high caliber of our customers and their ongoing efforts to provide operational excellence to their clients. We are honored to work with the best of the best in our industry and will continue to support them with best-in-class technology.”

The Nulogy PackStar Awards reflect the top-performing customers across Europe and the Americas, who share the most compelling success stories, innovations, and performance metrics. All award recipients are selected by an internal committee of product and industry experts.

The PackStar Awards will be presented to winners during Nulogy xChange 2016, taking place in Chicago on May 8-10. The conference features keynotes by Nulogy CEO Jason Tham and select industry guest speakers, as well as education workshops, product announcements, and cross-industry panels.