PT Eastern Pearl and Bosch work together to ensure the people in Indonesia have daily supplies of flour.

Makassar is a city of over a million people located on the Indonesian island of Sulaweski and is the home to one of the world’s biggest flour mills, PT Eastern Pearl. The mill produces 250 million Indonesians with flour, a perishable product and spoils very quickly if poorly packaged due to the tropical climate.

PT Eastern Pearl was faced with the challenge to provide small (1 kilo), individual bags of flour to customers economically while reducing waste and spoilage. They turned to Bosch and Bosch had the solution, the SVE 2520 LR continuous motion vertical bagger.  The bagger is designed for high quality seals at high speeds and the lean machine concept enables cost-effective production. The use of corrosion-resistant material and an open-frame machine design simplifies cleaning and allows for faster changeovers.

The SVE 2520LR VFFS bagger is suitable for many different markets including flour, sugar, salt, coffee, beans, powders and more with a wide range of pack styles and sizes.

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