Procter and Gamble, the world leader in consumer goods, has launched a national air and home care waste recycling program providing Canadians a responsible option for their traditionally non-recyclable air and home care packaging waste. Individuals can now bring any brand of hard-to-recycle air-freshener cartridges or home-cleaning packaging, to designated public collection locations sponsored by P&G's Febreze brand as part of the Air and Home Care Recycling Program with recycling pioneer TerraCycle®.

Though technically recyclable, plastic air fresheners, trigger heads and screw caps often end up in landfills due to the high cost of recycling these mixed plastics. P&G's public collection locations divert these recyclable waste items from piling up in landfills and provide nationwide access to an innovative waste solution.

Once collected, the air and home care products and packaging are cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products. Additionally, every item collected through P&G's public locations program awards the collection location two TerraCycle points, each redeemable for a one-cent contribution to the non-profit, school, or charitable organization of their choice.

"A key priority for Febreze is to attain 100% packaging recyclability and our partnership with TerraCycle helps us get one step closer to this goal," says Corinne Durieu, Febreze Canada communications manager. "We are excited to open up public collection locations, as this will provide the community with tangible ways to reduce waste, which is fundamental to our brand vision of leaving nothing behind but fresh air."

"P&G offers Canadians a powerful, sustainable option with the Air and Home Care Recycling Program," says TerraCycle. CEO and founder, Tom Szaky. "By making collection locations for difficult-to-recycle items accessible to citizens across the country, P&G is creating an opportunity for people to think twice about what is garbage and what is recyclable."

Any school, local business, or organization is welcome to sign up and participate in this ground-breaking collection-and-recycling platform and fundraising opportunity.