One glance at these stunning bottles is enough to know you're looking at a Sylvie de France exclusive. Quadpack Group's ( Fragrance Division is proud to unveil its new Q-Line bottles designed by the renowned French packaging artist. Three unique shapes that capture the elegance and sophistication of 'Haute Perfumerie'.

Christened 'Kult', 'Decade' and 'Aristo', the three glass vials are produced in France. Each one offers graceful contours that help enhance a brand's image. Kult is a timeless form with a square base tapering towards a slim collar. Decade is tall and commanding, a majestic presence that exudes refinement. Aristo plays with two different shapes, rounding off a rectangle to offer something entirely new and original. All feature a heavy base for an indisputably premium look and feel.

Quadpack's Fragrance Division offers a host of caps and accessories to dress the bottles, including bespoke wooden caps crafted at the group's Manufacturing Division. Limitless decoration options – from velvet appliqué to pearlisation – can transform them into a work of art which any brand can call uniquely theirs.