NAKANO® announces clean-labeling initiative with launch of two new Organic Rice Vinegars.  NAKANO is pleased to offer shoppers organic rice vinegar varieties in response to consumer demand for organic options. Organic condiments are now mainstream. Of the eight major organic categories, condiments are the fastest-growing category according to the Organic Trade Association’s 2016 Organic Industry Survey.

NAKANO rice vinegars come in two varieties: 

  • Organic Rice Vinegar - Natural
  • Organic Seasoned Rice Vinegar - Original

To create a simpler meal with fewer ingredients, try the Organic Rice Vinegars to enhance your favorite dishes. The Organic Natural has no calories, fat or sodium – a simple and staple ingredient in everyday recipes. The Seasoned version has no fat, is low  in calors and is great for family favorite sides such as baked potatoes, in place of sour cream. The seasoned vinegar offers a tangy, delicious organic flavor boost. 

The Nakano family legacy was established by founder, Matazemon Nakano, and his traditional techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, steeping NAKANO Rice Vinegars in rich Japanese heritage. Today, NAKANO Rice Vinegars are still brewed using traditional Japanese methods, perfected by generations of the Nakano family, holding true to Matazemon’s founding values. NAKANO is a part of Mizkan, a Japanese family owned food company.