Leading online wine store Wine-Trend.com introduces an innovative wine packaging that enables wine lovers to relish their poison at home or at any event outside with equal elan. A handy PET glass container ensures convenient portability and no hassles of struggling with the cork. Sipping wine just got even cooler this fall!

"We are excited to announce the launch of our new innovative wine packaging that will completely redefine the way you have been enjoying wine and that too for better. As your fellow wine lovers, we understand how much you desire to have your favorite spirit at your best moments. But then, carrying an entire wine bottle everywhere is not really handy and moreover we don't carry the cork opener always with us. However, you can bid adieu to all such worries now, courtesy our super cool and convenient PET glass packaging – it's a snap to open the lid and take a sip on your wine, whenever you wish to and wherever you wish to," says a leading spokesperson from Wine-Trend.com

The best part is that the new container is completely non-breakable which means it would be a strong aide, no matter how adventurous the journey is. It's a special high quality PET glass container that is carefully designed to perfectly preserve the premier quality of exclusive wines.

"Our container is designed keeping in mind your utmost convenience. On one hand it's really lightweight (just 39 gms) so that it doesn't feel like an extra baggage while you are out for a picnic or any other event. On another hand, we have made it robust and non-breakable so that it's safe to carry along. With our Wine-Trend wine glass packaging, you can cherish your wine anywhere, whether you are relaxing at home or celebrating the victory of your favorite player at the stadium. There is no bottle opener required and no matter wherever you are- our glasses would always assure the premium wines at their best of flavors, aroma and taste."

A leading supplier of exclusive wines, Wine-Trend offers premier red wines and white wines straight from Italy. The wines come packaged in the innovative packaging and are available in sets ranging from 12-48 packs.

"Our wine packages would be great for any online wine shop or store or wholesaler as we are offering our wines smartly packed in our innovative packages in different sets. You will get to choose from 12 packs or 24 packs and more. There are even combo packs including both red and white wines," says Wine Trend's store manager.